Evil Lives Here/ Discovery ID

James Randall in now serving two life sentences in Florida state prison. Those who lived with him for years couldn’t imagine the evil that lied behind his cool demeanor.

Dead of Winter/ Discovery ID

When a college student goes missing in rural upstate New York, a local small time criminal may be the police’s only hope for uncovering the truth.


Pam tries to add some color (pink) to her husband Barry’s beige and boring lifestyle, in this finalist for the #GoPink’s breast cancer awareness campaign.

Stella with The World on Her Shoulders

Michael is Stella’s boss at Wolf Pack Media, and despite a NSFW hook-up at the company Christmas party, he is going to be the bringer of bad news.

Our Last Date

With the world coming to an end, Jim might get a little too desperate in trying to impress his dream date.

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